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360&1 is a webmarketing agency whose objective is to get more direct bookings by bringing more traffic to your website and improving your conversion rate, through digital campaigns.
In order to improve the positioning of the website, 360&1 is connected to several platforms including Google Hotel Ads and Facebook Ads.


How it works

360&1 operates on a commission basis which only applies to bookings taken through their partner channels (e.g. Google Hotel Ads).
Commissions are 12% per reservation taken through this channel by default. By contacting 360&1 you can decide to have more visibility for a higher commission.

Bookings that are cancelled are not subject to commissions.
- If the booking is cancelled the same month as it was done, there is no commission.
- If the booking is cancelled after the month it was done, the commission will be reimbursed on future commissiosn invoice.

360&1's partners will take over your inventory information on your site, and you will receive the new bookings taken on your site thanks to the campaigns.

This link requires an external subscription to 360&1.

Activate 360&1 from Amenitiz

Once you have subscribed to 360&1, to activate the link on your website and/or booking engine, go to the MarketPlace tab and search for "360&1":


Click on "Activate", you will be redirected to the page to subscribe to 360&1.
Then, choose whether you want to apply it to the site and the booking engine, or to the booking engine only:


Your 360&1 customer ID will then be generated automatically.

You will then be able to transfer this identifier to your 360&1 account so that the link can be made between the two platforms.

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