What can I do on the Amenitiz’s mobile app?

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The mobile application gives you an overview of your activity, and you can make some changes from the calendar and inventory. This article describes what you can do on your mobile application.


You can log in your mobile application with the same credentials as the ones you use to connect from your computer. You will find 4 sections, here are the details of these tabs:


From here, you have an overview of your dashboard, with your statistics of the month, and the check-in/check-outs of today.



From the calendar, you will have access to your planning. You can block and see your accommodations blocked, add a new reservation and see the details of your reservations.

By clicking on a reservation, you will be able to:

  • Charge the guest via AmenitizPay thanks to the payment terminal and the payment link
  • Resend the confirmation email to you or to the guest
  • Cancel the booking
  • See the information of the client, the accommodation(s) booked, the source and the date of the booking
  • Register the check-in/check-out
  • Switch, edit or remove the room

To edit the dates of stay, manage the charges, stay info and invoices you will do it from your computer only.


To check the information of a room on a day or to make some changes, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your rate plan:

  2. Then, click on the day you want to have a view or make a change:
    You will have this information:
    A/ You can close/open your rate plan from here
    B/ If there is a reservation on this accommodation
    C/ If the room is available/bookable or not.
    D/ The price of the room for this rate plan, you can change it.

  3. Do not forget to click on "Save" when you finished your changes.

You cannot do bulk updates on the application, only change day by day and room by room.

You can add reservations from these 3 first sections, click here to see how to add a reservation from the application.


You will find more options on the last section:



Switch property: if you manage several Amenitiz account, you will be able to switch accounts from here.

Activate chat: if you have any questions, you can contact our support team from here, by chat.

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