Block or unblock a room from the planning

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Block a room from your planning to make it unavailable, unblock it to make it available again. 


You can block a room from your planning, by going to Planning, and then Calendar from your administrator area.

Once you can see your calendar, you can scroll through each square corresponding to a specific room and date. While scrolling, an red icon will appear with the inscription "Block room":


 If you click on it, a form will appear. You can now:

  • Define a period for the status of the selected room
  • Define the current status of the selected room: out of inventory, out of order, pre-booked
  • Add a comment

Finally, click on Block room to register your action


To unblock a room, click on the blocked room on your calendar, and select Available in the status menu. To save, click on Open room

Blocking a room from your calendar will automatically update the availability in your inventory.


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