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Invoices and estimates can be personalized to adapt to your information or your company information. You can also customize the design of the invoices. This article explains how to modify this information.


If the Invoices tab is not available on your account ,you can activate this feature by going to the marketplace tab and > invoices > activate.

To modify the settings of the invoices, go to Invoices > Settings.
You can "edit" the companies info, and choose if you want detailed or simplified invoices. Click here to see how to generate simplified invoices.


These "invoice settings" can be changed if you need the first invoice and credit notes to begin with a specific number. Otherwise, it will begin with the "INV 1" by default:Screenshot_2021-10-01_at_18.09.53.png


Invoice default footer: you can add some text that will appear in the footer of your invoices and estimates.
Invoice colour: you can custom the colour of the invoice.
You can add a logo of your invoice, the recommended logo size is: Width: 150px - Height: 80px


Then do not forget to click on > Save.

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