Manage the payment of invoices generated from a booking

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This article explains the management of payments on invoices when they have been generated from a booking.

If you created an invoice which is not linked to a reservation, click here to see how to manage the payment of invoices generated independently of a booking

  1. Invoices generated from a reservation

    When creating an invoice from a reservation, you will be asked to choose which payments registered and charges you want to make appear on this invoice.
    For example, here I am creating an invoice for the room, and I will create an other invoice for the pizza with the corresponding payments:Screenshot_2022-02-11_at_11.22.03.png

    If you create several invoices for a reservation without any payments registered, you can still register payments after, from the reservation. In this case, you will be asked to decide to which invoice you want to link this payment:
    This feature of linking a payment to an invoice is possible only when the drafts of the invoices have been approved.

    Then, the invoice will be updated with the payment registered on the reservation.

  2. Register the payment from the invoice
    You can also register the payment from the invoice, the payment status will be updated on the reservation linked to the invoice too.
    The daybook per invoice will also be automatically updated.

  3. Assign part of a specific payment to an invoice
    If a payment has already been added and you wish to link only part of the payment amount, you can also assign part of a specific payment to an invoice which has already been created.
    Go to the payments tab of the reservation, and click on the payments you want to assign to your invoice. You can choose the amount of the payment you want 
    Then, choose the invoice your payment has to be linked to:

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