What is AmenitizPay?

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AmenitizPay is a payment system provided by Amenitiz. It will handle all the payments and automate them from the moment the guest enter their credit card details until the money it gets to your bank account.


AmenitizPay is handling 3D Secure transaction and is fully PCI-compliant.

With AmenitizPay, it will be possible to:

    • Automate payments coming from any sources (manual bookings, direct bookings from the booking engine and OTA bookings)
    • Do transactions: Charge and Refund the guests
    • Manage payments on manual reservations
    • Capture authorizations, charge them or released them
    • Send payment links by mail to the guests
    • Split AmenitizPay payouts between different bank accounts if you are a property manager
    • Make clients pay with a payment terminal
What is an automated payment?
An automated payment is a payment that is automatically collected by the biller according to the payment schedule.

What is a transaction?
An accounting transaction is a business event having a monetary impact. It can be a payment, a refund, and an authorization.

What is an authorization?
The authorization process doesn't transfer funds from the cardholder to the merchant. It's simply the bank's way of telling the merchant that the funds for a purchase exist. The funds will be “held” for 7 days on the day of arrival.

What is a payment link?
A payment link is an online payment which is generated and shared through a link by the merchant to the customer, to make instant online payments. This link can be sent by mail.


You can visit the AmenitizPay page on our website here.

Find here the article that explains how to activate AmenitizPay on your account.


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